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Community Guidelines

Hey there, Welcome to our community guidelines! We ask that you please adhere to them at all times as we've written them so that is a fun and cool place for everyone to want to hang out. 

Personal Information:
Keep calm and don’t give out any personal information you wouldn't be comfortable for a stranger to know (these include things like your address, bank details, credit card number or phone number). See the types of info we collect from you via our Privacy Policy.

Nobody likes a keyboard cowboy and it goes without saying we're all about kindness here at ulta3. We kindly ask that you treat others with respect and accept people's differences. We have a zero, and we mean Z-E-R-O, tolerance policy regarding any content or comments that are harmful, threatening, violent, harassing, abusive, indecent, obscene, offensive, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, sexually explicit, unlawful, profane, untrue, deceitful, spam or bullying in nature. We reserve the right to remove such content at our discretion.

We love awesome content, but we don't like a copycat... Do not post content such as text, images, music, videos or anything else that has not been created by yourself. We will remove any such content at our discretion.

We want to hear heaps about you, but do not use our platforms to promote your own website, blog or business. We reserve the right to remove anything deemed to be self-promotion from our website. If you want to share your awesome work with us, hit us up on our socials where we can all tag and share to our heart’s content. If we're loving it, we'll be sure to share it with our followers in appreciation of your killer creativity.

Sharing content:
Do not post any links from third party sites on our platform. You could be putting us, yourself and others at risk of computer viruses - and that's darn right irresponsible!

Your comment has been removed or has not been published:
Eeek, it can happen... If your post has not been approved, please feel free to contact us to discuss why this has happened. Most likely, your content has been deemed to not be within our community guidelines. Also, if you’ve read something within our community that has made you feel uncomfortable please let us know here.

Our community language is English. Please refrain from using other languages when commenting on our platform.

Usage of product review content:
Any product reviews or feedback that is provided by you on this platform may be re-purposed on the homepage of the platform or any of our other owned channels. This can include but is not limited to point of sale, Facebook, Instagram and other internal or external usages.

Product Reviews
We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and especially, what you want... It helps us make the best products we can, especially for you. We will accept any reviews, positive or negative, if they are relevant, constructive in nature (i.e. have or intend to have a useful or beneficial purpose to others considering the purchase of this product) and are factually correct (i.e. do not provide false or misleading information about the product). You must have purchased and/or used the product on yourself. It's only fair that when you're on our website, you talk about our products, so no mention of other brands will be accepted. Also, if you have a faulty product, this isn't the place to let us know, so all comments relating to a faulty product will not be published. We will not in any way change the meaning or context of your comment, however may sometimes choose to censor certain words if necessary to ensure it is compliant with our guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse to publish a review if it does not meet this criteria or any of the other community guidelines listed above.

Given that the world is an ever-changing place, our policy is subject to change, so feel free to check back here any time.

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